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By Undisciplined Environments Collective

With COP27 underway, we share a selection of past essays published in the Undisciplined Environments blog 

As CO2 emissions hit new records and most countries’ promises for climate action continue unfulfilled, the last week of the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) is underway in Egypt. Outside, protesters remind governments that this is the “last chance to act”, and chant “No climate justice without human rights” and “Climate reparations now”.

Here, we share a selection of essays we have published in our blog since we started in 2014, to help put the event and the discussions taking place in a broader context. The essays include critical discussions of previous COPs, neoliberal climate policies such as REDD+, the coloniality of the climate crisis, climate adaptation and energy transitions, fossil fascism, the “Anthropocene” debates, the importance of storytelling, and climate justice movements, among other themes.


Erik Swyngedouw (2014) Losing our Fear! Facing the Anthro-Obscene*

Joan Martínez Alier (2014) A powerful call from Naomi Klein for a global movement for climate justice

Fernando Tormos (2015) The Politics of Climate Justice at COP21

Ethemcan Turhan (2015) “At least it is one step forward”: A dispatch from COP21 

Noel Castree (2015) New thinking for a new Earth

Emanuele Leonardi (2015) For a Critique of Carbon Trading Dogma

Aaron Vansintjan (2015) The Anthropocene debate: Why is such a useful concept starting to fall apart?

Stefania Barca (2016) Labor in the Age of Climate Change

Roberta Biasillo (2017) Grassroots initiatives in climate change-adaptation for justice and sustainability

Ethemcan Turhan and Cem İskender Aydın (2017) Patrick Bond: Climate justice movements need to hit Trump where it hurts most

Romain Felli (2017) Climate politics in the long run

Irina Velicu and Mikuláš Černík (2017) Limity jsme my! (We are the limits!) The first International Climate Camp in Czech Republic, Horní Jiřetín

Jens Friis Lund, Jevgeniy Bluwstein, Adam Ronan and Rebecca Leigh Rutt (2017) Ende Gelände: Exposing the climate hypocrisy of Western European democracies

Fabio Papetti (2017) Capitalist Floods in the Pacific Islands

Andrea Brock (2018) Of climate catastrophe and sacrifice zones – Battle for the Hambacher Forest

Daniele Valisena (2018) Curiosity, relationalities and monkeywrenching: The futures of the Anthropocene

Dylan Harris (2019) A case for small climate stories

Luigi Pellizzoni (2019) Climate crisis and new ecological mobilisations (Part I)

Luigi Pellizzoni (2019) Climate crisis and new ecological mobilisations (Part II)

Salvatore De Rosa (2019) Blocking the Flows. Notes from a climate action in Göteborg 

Giacomo D’Alisa (2019) Emergenciocracy: why demanding the “climate emergency” is risky 

Bernhard Forchtner (2020) What the Radical Right Thinks About Climate Change

Linda Estelí Méndez Barrientos (2020) Beyond protest, enacting solidarity in the climate justice movement

Plataforma Latinoamericana y del Caribe por la Justicia Climática (2021) Declaración de la Plataforma por la Justicia Climática frente a la Semana Regional del Clima

Daniela Schofield (2021) Imbuing Notions of Climate Change Adaptation with Everyday Realities

Adeniyi Asiyanbi and Jens Friis Lund (2021) Too big to fail? REDD+ and the promise of forest-based climate mitigation 

Felix Krawczyk (2021) Forests are not just sites of climate mitigation

Achim Klüppelberg (2021) Nucleocrats Don’t Sleep

Gustavo A. García López (2021) Colonial Climates, Decolonial Futures: Reflections from Puerto Rico

Diego Andreucci and Christos Zografos (2021) On the Racist Humanism of Climate Action

The Zetkin Collective (2021) White Skin, Black Fuel: On the Danger of Fossil Fascism 

Trym Daniel Rødvik, Philip Godal, Linnea Møller Jess and Skander Manaa (2022) Platforming to Oblivion: How academic institutions foster merchants of doubt

Guy Jackson (2022) Europe’s summer of reckoning with losses and damages

Sebastian Reyes Bejarano, Gustavo García López, and Diego Andreucci, in conversation with Tatiana Roa Avendaño, Teresa Borasino, Marina Weinberg and Daniel Chavez (2022) Energy transition from below: From climate colonialism to energy sovereignty

Ilenia Iengo, Paola Imperatore and Emanuele Leonardi (2022) Anti-capitalist, transfeminist, anti-extractivist convergences for climate and environmental justice in Italy

Salem Ghribi (2022) The hottest summer on record. Reflections and perspectives of the climate justice movement in Italy (part I)

Top image: COP27: Protesters Demand Climate Justice as Financial Promises Fall Short, Despite Trickles of Pleasant News – Timescape Magazine 


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