January 24, 2023

About refrigerators

By Mina Kouvara Triggered by examples of vernacular technologies, I wonder how things would have evolved if the technological rupture of the late 18th century hadn’t occurred—provided that cultivating a healthy self and society was integral to civilisation.
January 10, 2023

Biodiversity breakthrough or time to stop global environmental meetings altogether?

By Bram Büscher and Rosaleen Duffy. The big biodiversity conference in Montreal from 7-19 December was described as the event that will decide on the ‘fate of the entire living world’. Its outcome to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 is regarded by some as ‘historic’, but in reality promotes more business-as-usual. Have global environmental meetings reached the end of their usefulness? Or is hanging on to them worth it in the face of worsening environmental crises?
December 20, 2022

Against the misrepresentation of climate activism in Lützerath aka the ZAD Rhineland

On November 7th 2022, Aftenposten (one of Norway’s largest daily newspapers) published an article in which two journalists describe their perception of the mining conflict around Lützerath, a squatted village in Germany also known as ZAD Rhineland. The following text responds to the journalists’ misrepresentations of climate justice activists and land defenders, as well as the journalists’ ignorance regarding powerful private-public relationships
December 15, 2022

Make Kin, Fight Fascism

The text by Angela Balzano, Antonia Anna Ferrante and Federica Timeto was presented by Antonia Anna Ferrante and Federica Timeto at the meeting Making Kin. Reproductive Justice is Eco-justice, sponsored by NICHE for the presentation of the Italian translation of the book “Making Kin, not Population” edited by Adele Clarke and Donna Haraway and held on October 28, 2022 at the Ca’ Foscari Theater with live online broadcast. Finally you can watch it again, in case you missed it!  
December 15, 2022

Make Kin, Fight Fascism (in italiano)

Il testo di Angela Balzano, Antonia Anna Ferrante e Federica Timeto è stato presentato da Antonia Anna Ferrante e Federica Timeto in occasione dell’incontro Making Kin. Reproductive Justice is Eco-justice, promosso da NICHE per la presentazione della traduzione italiana del libro “Making Kin. Fare parentele non popolazioni” in originale curato da Adele Clarke and Donna Haraway e che si è svolto il 28 ottobre 2022 presso il Teatro Ca’ Foscari con diretta online. Scorri in basso per riguardare la registrazione dell’evento se te la sei […]
December 13, 2022

Formulating poisons: racism, agrochemicals, and cotton

By Brian Williams and Jayson Maurice Porter. In the U.S. South, cotton plantations served as an early laboratory for the toxic development and mass application of agrochemicals. Anti-Blackness shaped the formulation of this harmful agrarian calculus, and cotton, white supremacy and other poisons served as an important antecedent to the subsequent development of chemical-intensive industrial agriculture.  
December 8, 2022

The After Extractivism project

By Berliner Gazette. How can we build our future on the legacies and claims of those who, yesterday as today, have been plunged into existential hardship by the ecological-economic complex? And how can we make such struggles a source of inspiration for a common cause? These are the guiding questions of the “After Extractivism” project by the non-profit platform Berliner Gazette.
November 29, 2022

Pathways to Sustainability: STEPS free online course

Pathways to Sustainability: STEPS launches free online course with new lectures.
November 22, 2022

What about the fall? Reflections and perspectives of the climate justice movement in Italy (part II)

By Salem Ghribi. The previous post, focused on the summer: very hot and full of moments of struggle. Now, the fall with all its revindications! From the summer camps to the converging demonstrations.
November 22, 2022

E l’autunno? Riflessioni e prospettive del movimento per la giustizia climatica (part II)

By Salem Ghribi. Nel post precedente, vi abbiamo raccontato dell’estate: caldissima e piena di momenti di lotta. Adesso ci concentriamo sull’autunno con tutte le sue rivendicazioni. Dai campeggi estivi alle manifestazioni di convergenza.
November 17, 2022

Political ecologies of the climate crisis

By Undisciplined Environments Collective. With COP27 underway, we share a selection of past essays published in the Undisciplined Environments blog.
November 15, 2022

The hottest summer on record. Reflections and perspectives of the climate justice movement in Italy (part I)

By Salem Ghribi In early 2019 a new form of environmental activism took the global stage. A young composition of mainly students poses a new way of understanding ecology and the wider relationship with political engagement. It’s been three years since then and the summer 2022 has been filled with political camps across Italy.