May 29, 2015

Report: “Water for whom? Water scarcity and tree plantations in Arauco Province (Chile)”

Last March, the Report “¿Agua para quién?. Escasez hídrica y plantaciones forestales en la Provincia de Arauco” (“Water for whom? Water scarcity and tree plantations in Arauco Province”) was published as part of the Campaign “Agua que has de Beber” (Water to be drunk), promoted by Chilean NGO “Agrupación de Ingenieros Forestales por el Bosque Nativo” (AIFBN). The report is the result of the collaboration between Marien González-Hidalgo (ENTITLE fellow), and AIFBN, within the framework of the ENTITLE project. In 50 pages, “¿Agua para quién?” […]
April 13, 2015

Gudynas: Thinking like Araucarias: development and conservation in other timescales

by Eduardo Gudynas* The dramatic loss of forests in Southern Chile and Argentina challenges classical environmental policies. Their recovery requires environmental planning in the time scale of centuries and even beyond one thousand years. But the time scales considered under present-day development hardly deal with a few years of recovery. Consequently, an effective conservation requires placing objectives in the third millennia and thus, implies that we must start thinking and feeling like araucarias trees. Fires of large tracts of forests in southern Chile and Argentina […]
November 25, 2014

Think Locally When Acting Globally: Wildlife Conservation at Stake in Tanzania

by Stephanie Loveless*  The last decades have shown that the global approach to nature conservation in Africa often has detrimental effects on the livelihoods of local people. This article gives insight into a conservation area in Tanzania and how it has been affecting local communities. Is it possible to find an approach that can further conservation efforts while benefiting local communities? Anti-poaching has long been on the agendas of global conservation campaigns, and attracted attention with the help of world-class celebrity endorsements. Hollywood actress Angelina […]