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Good wishes and a selection of events and blog posts for the pause

By Undisciplined Environments Editorial Collective

Dear readers

We are taking a short summer break from publishing during the month of August, to recharge and continue working together in the Fall. Wishing everyone a restful and joyful summer, and renewed energies in the struggles for social and ecological justice.

You can join some of us at the 8th Degrowth Conference, online and in The Hague, August 24-28. Check out the amazing program at

In the meantime, you can check out some of our most recently published posts:

You could also read some of the most viewed posts since last year:

Or, revisit some of the most popular posts from previous years:

Finally, you can get acquainted with our ongoing series we have been publishing over the last year: Political Ecologies of the Far Right , Green inequalities in the city, and Reimagining, remembering and reclaiming water

Top image: Summer of our Power, 2015, by Climate Justice Alliance, part of their OurPower initiative. Source:


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