September 23, 2015

The feelings of a Turk (or a Greek): Mustafa, or the emotional and the political

by Christos Zografos* An unexpected meeting during a fieldtrip forges connections across the border, stirs historical memories, and stimulates reflections about dispossession, mobilisation and the relevance of the emotional in political ecology.
September 18, 2015

Extractivismo: Nuevos contextos de dominación y resistencia

En el contexto actual de represión que sufren las ONGs ecologistas en Latinoamérica, hemos querido compartir este texto del CEDIB de Bolivia para dar visibilidad al importante trabajo que hace esta organización.
September 16, 2015

The Political Ecology of Everyday Life under Settler Colonialism III – Reporting from Palestine

The Jordan Valley, in the northeast of the West Bank, is another area emblematic of the injustices Israeli occupation and settler colonialism are inflicting on Palestinians. It also showcases the dramatic extent of Israel’s water enclosures. This is the third part of a series by ENTITLE fellows on our experiences during the International Conference of Critical Geography in Palestine. Previous contributions can be found here and here.
September 2, 2015

The Political Ecology of Everyday Life under Settler Colonialism I – Reporting from Palestine

In July 2015 a group of ENTITLE fellows travelled to Palestine to attend the International Conference of Critical Geography in Ramallah. The following piece is the first part of a series on the political ecology of life under settler colonialism in the West Bank.
August 18, 2015

When companies leave: environmental liabilities and the Flix Electrochemical Company in Catalonia

by Marta Pujadas* The one hundred-year old Flix electrochemical company is about to leave. What will happen now that the long-term impacts on human health and the environment are no longer compensated by short-term economic gains?
July 27, 2015

Rural and Urban Solidarity Arises Against Istanbul Megaprojects

By Eleanor Finley* In the summer of 2013, popular resistance succeeded in stopping the demolition of Gezi Park, one of the last public green spaces in Istanbul. Yet urban transformation and development projects have continued throughout the city at a dizzying pace.
June 22, 2015

The role of pedagogy in the struggles of Brazil's MST

By Rita Calvário, Marien González Hidalgo & Sara Mingorría* “The difficult part is to maintain the struggle, the easy part is to attract workers”, states Simona Silva, speaking about the role of pedagogy and political training in the struggles of Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers Movement. Simona Silva, the pedagogic and political coordinator of the MST‘s national school called Florestan Fernandes, gave a round of talks across the Spanish state last May. We attended one of these talks in Barcelona and afterwords had the opportunity to talk with her. […]
May 13, 2015

Mike Edwards: “How a class struggle over land and rent is damaging the UK”

“Radical Geography Notebooks” is a group of Greek graduate and PhD students at Harokopio University in Athens, that over the last four years has been organising the “Radical Geography Seminars”, a series of lectures on issues of Geography and Political Ecology.  
May 5, 2015

A strange mirror in the Amazon frontier

I was born in Jacundá, but I did not know these stories. I did not know my story, the story of the place I came from. Each film has shocked me in a unique way, terrified me and made me want to know more of the land I came from. (Mainara, student in the region of Pará, Brasil) The story that Mainara, above, did not know, was one of violent homicides for land in the 1980s, as detailed in the film of Adrian Cowell and Vicente Rio, […]
March 9, 2015

El conflicto que cambió Bolivia

Un nuevo documental sobre la disputa por el TIPNIS explora la contradicción entre extractivismo y territorialidad indígena.
January 16, 2015

Lessons from the Collectivisation of Aigües de Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939)

After almost eight decades the story of the collectivisation of Aigües de Barcelona during the time of the Spanish Civil War emerges as highly insightful given today’s context of European crisis and the parallel worldwide trend towards re-municipalisation of water management. *
January 14, 2015

The Discourses of Environmental Disaster

By Michael J. Shapiro* Bhopal […] occasionally returns. Other cases of ‘environmental disasters’, other victims are still waiting for compensation. Precarity and political responsibility is yet not taken seriously outside commercial and geopolitical cartography. Decades ago I was struck by the discursive space allocated in a report in the December 17th, 1984 issue of Time Magazine on thousands of deaths from a toxic chemical release at Union Carbide’s plant in Bhopal, India. The cover image, which showed the bodies of the dead and dying, was located under […]