December 18, 2017

Introducing Ecopsychoanalysis: Mind, Politics and Ecology

by Ed Thornton Do mental states have their own ecology? The radical psychoanalyst, political militant and environmental activist Felix Guattari thought so. Looking forward to an upcoming event exploring the relationship between psychoanalysis and ecology, this post introduces some of Guattari’s ideas and asks how psychoanalysts and political ecologists might work together Two Ecologies? What do political ecology and psychoanalysis have to say to one another? There are at least two answers to this question: First off, psychoanalysis can help us to make sense of the […]
December 11, 2017

Capitalist Floods in the Pacific Islands

by Fabio Papetti  Climate change impacts in Pacific Island Nations affect stability and livelihoods of the islanders. Dominant narratives depoliticize their condition and do not provide structural solutions; therefore, we need new concepts to make visible the violence of the system Pacific Climate Warriors (here on Nukunonu Tokelau) are taking the lead to fight the fossil fuel economy and to show their resilience despite mainstream narratives about them (Photo credit: Litia Maiava / Te Mana. Source: Green Left) Since at least a decade, the Pacific […]
September 7, 2017

Ende Gelände: Exposing the climate hypocrisy of Western European democracies

By Jens Friis Lund, Jevgeniy Bluwstein, Adam Ronan and Rebecca Leigh Rutt* The climate justice platform Ende Gelände is at the forefront of European civil disobedience against widespread inaction in addressing climate change: it exposes political hypocrisy while forming a new generation of activists During the last days of August, we took part in some of the action days of Ende Gelände to disrupt lignite (brown coal) extraction and burning in Western Germany. Around 6,000 activists had assembled to demonstrate that the use of fossil […]
July 25, 2017

Climate politics in the long run

By Romain Felli*.  Stephen Schneider’s 1976 book The Genesis Strategy offers a stunning preview of contemporary debates over climate policies.  
July 7, 2017

Patrick Bond: Climate justice movements need to hit Trump where it hurts most

By Ethemcan Turhan and Cem İskender Aydın * Political economist and climate justice expert Patrick Bond comments on the prospects for a progressive anti-capitalist agenda in the face of increasing alt-right populism, xenophobia, climate denialism and economic-political exceptionalism. 
June 22, 2017

Weaponizing nature

By Patrick Bigger and Benjamin Neimark*  Military excursions into low carbon fuels is not a case of military greenwashing but rather one of ‘weaponizing nature’, an approach perpetuating an interventionist US foreign policy linked to environmental change.
March 28, 2017

Economic Justice in Africa: Climate Change, Inequalities and Development

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, CODESRIA, invites applications for participation in an institute on ‘Economic Justice and Climate Change in Africa’ to be convened in Maputo, Mozambique, from June 15 to June 25 2017, on the broad theme of ‘Economic Justice in Africa: Climate change, Inequalities and Development’.
December 20, 2016

El paso sigiloso de la autoridad

Por Christos Zografos* Las luchas ambientales para la recuperación de sedimentos atrapados río arriba y el caudal ecológico en el Delta del Ebro están relacionadas a temas de inseguridad al cambio climático y formas insidiosas del ejercicio del poder.
November 23, 2016

How’s that for an ending? A political ecology of apocalypse

By Jonathan Coward* Warnings over climate change are often dressed in the language of apocalypse, but is well-intentioned alarmism having the required effect?
September 20, 2016

Tyrannocene, Carnival, Earth

By Richard Bater* Snowpiercer, a 2013 science fiction film by Bong Joon-Ho, takes us on a post-apocalyptic train ride through Earth. In this blog post, Richard creatively refracts the plot of the film to consider several strands of political thought concerning the anthropocene and human-environment relations.
May 31, 2016

An archive of motion: how objects find their meaning

By Marc Herbst* A reflection on how meaning is organised in relation to objects gathered at recent climate events. Or, how things stay in motion until the system changes.
April 14, 2016

Labor in the Age of Climate Change

By Stefania Barca* Any just transition to a green economy must take place on labor’s terms — not capital’s.