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A political ecology syllabus for post-graduates, based on courses offered during ENTITLE, and designed for a taught course or for self-study, is now freely available online. 

This post-graduate syllabus is the product of training events in political ecology, specifically summer schools and Special Intensive Courses (SIC) conducted within the ENTITLE FP7 Initial Training Network project.

Throughout 2012-2016, ENTITLE offered six SICs (in Manchester, Barcelona, Rome, and Berlin) and three summer schools (in Syros, Lund, and Istanbul), with a duration that varied between four and six days per event. Lectures and public events during those courses were recorded, and together with other audio-visual material generated by the project are freely available at the project’s website (Entitle TV) and at the project’s YouTube channel.

The syllabus is of twelve weeks’ duration, designed to adapt to both the needs of a taught course and for self-study. It includes teaching instructions and accompanying bibliography, combined with the above audio-visual material. You will find, for example, lectures by Maria Kaika, Gavin Bridge, Amita Baviskar, Giorgos KallisAlex Loftus, Massimo De Angelis and Thomas Perreault. It also includes an Annex with the expanded reading list in political ecology, put together by Prof Julian Bloomer with contributions from members of the PESO (Political Ecology Society) email list.

You can download the Syllabus here


  • Jennifer Carrera says:

    Thanks for putting this together. I would love to get a copy of the syllabus but when I click on the link it just keeps saying that the website is inaccessible. Is there another way to get the syllabus or will the website be back up soon? Thanks!

  • Apologies, the ENTITLE website is currently down and we are working on getting it up soon again. Should only be a matter of days, but please bear with us if – due to summer holidays – it may take a little longer.