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By Lillian Sol Cueva and the WEGO network.

We have the pleasure of presenting a new contribution to the ongoing debates in feminist political ecology (FPE):  the book “Contours of Feminist Political Ecology: Redefining Politics, Justice, and Alternatives”.

Authored by a collective of esteemed scholars and scholar-activists, this open access book pushes forward the traditional boundaries of academic discourse. It brings the lived experiences of diverse communities, social movements, and academic spaces to life. It serves as a compass, guiding readers through the territory of FPE, while revealing new horizons of understanding and action.



What truly sets this book apart is its innovative methodological approach. Instead of confining itself to theoretical soliloquies, the book immerses readers in dynamic conversations that have emerged from the Well-Being Ecology Gender cOmmunities (WEGO) network.

For the past years, this network has fostered multi-sited and cross-generational dialogues, serving as catalyst for deep insights and transformative change. The conversations explore topics such as climate change, extractivism, body politics, health, degrowth, care, population, water, decoloniality, futures, and community well-being. With each chapter, the authors embark on a collective learning journey, mapping out new directions for FPE research and analysis.

What is more, the book emphasizes the ethical dimensions of feminist work, both inside and outside academia. It advocates for a reflexive research approach that acknowledges the historical and contemporary configurations of power. By doing so, it invites readers to engage with feminist praxis that is transformative and deeply attuned to the dynamics of social and environmental justice.

This means that “Contours of Feminist Political Ecology” is more than a book, it is a call to action. It invites the readers to reimagine the world around them, to challenge conventional ways of knowing, and to actively participate in the construction of a more equitable and just world.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we navigate the FPE waters and forge new paths. Get to know some of the authors and their work through clicking on the following videos:


Chapter 2 Untold Climate Stories



Chapter 3 Extracting Us


Chapter 4 A Trialogue on Porous Technologies, Places and Embodiments 


Chapter 5 Ageing and FPE


Chapter 6 More-than-human Co-becomings



Chapter 10 Debating Population


Chapter 11 La Mercadita 2050




Find the book open access here.

* Read more about the WEGO-ITN here.



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