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The activist-academic collective Research & Degrowth has announced a new master’s in Political Ecology, with a specialization in Degrowth and Environmental Justice.


Logo of the 2016 Conference in Budapest. Source:

This is the first master’s of its kind, and one of the first in the world in the flourishing field of Political Ecology. The programme is co-organised by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where the classes will take place.

The master’s builds on a successful seven-year series of international summer schools on ‘Environmental Justice and Degrowth’ organised at ICTA. The program focuses on theoretical, methodological and professional capacity building for young people who want to work in the social and solidarity economy, public administration, environmental justice organizations, think tanks and consultancies.

The master’s will offer theoretical classes from top scholars and experts of environmental conflicts, urban gentrification, ecological economics and governance of the commons, including Joan Martínez Alier, Isabelle Anguelovski and Giorgos Kallis.

It will also include methodological training for conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex problems—such as multi-criteria evaluation, surveys, Q-methodology, and material flow analysis—as well as practical sessions on how to facilitate a group process, how to write a policy report or a newspaper article, how to run a social or environmental justice campaign and how to set-up a cooperative.

Further information about the master’s can be found on the programme’s webpage and its FAQs section.