September 29, 2016

Opening a crack in history: memory, historical research and activism

Residents of La Barceloneta (Barcelona) integrate historical research in their struggle to reclaim the building of a 100-year-old consumer cooperative back for public use. How can history inspire social transformation?
October 2, 2014

Connecting past and present socio-ecological struggles: The "Barceloneta Cooperative Memory Project"

by Irmak Ertör, Melissa Garcia Lamarca and Santiago Gorostiza Barceloneta is one of the most charismatic neighbourhoods in the city of Barcelona. It has a powerful history of cooperatives run autonomously by their workers and inhabitants. The history of the neighbourhood—its name meaning ‘little Barcelona’—dates back to the 18th century. It was previously inhabited by fishermen and maintaining its strong relation with the sea. Nowadays, however, it is undergoing rapid transformation. “A fishermen neighbourhood” is an expression currently used as one of the thousand slogans […]