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In 2015, ENTITLE blog published 110 posts and received almost 60.000 unique visits. Check out our ten most popular from this past year.

collage10. Getting to know Escher, by Panagiota Kotsila.

9. Is there a growth imperative in capitalism? A commentary on John Bellamy Foster, by Giorgos Kallis.

8. New thinking for a new Earth, by Noel Castree.

7. “Liquid Power”: An interview with Erik Swyngedouw, by Santiago Gorostiza.

6. CFPs for international political ecology conference: “Undisciplined Environments” (March 20-23, 2016, Stockholm), by ENTITLE fellows.

5. Carta al Vicepresidente Álvaro García Linera, by ENTITLE fellows.

4. Friendly colonialism and the ‘Harvey fashion’, by Eduardo Gudynas.

3. Love your symptoms: A sympathetic diagnosis of the Ecomodernist Manifesto, by Paul Robbins and Sarah A. Moore.

2. Political ecology gone wrong, by Giorgos Kallis.

1. “Fifty shades of green”: Bruno Latour on the ecomodernist manifesto, by Bruno Latour.

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