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The Public Political Ecology Lab (PPEL) has added two new videos on engaged scholarship and political ecology by Dianne Rocheleau and James McCarthy.

[vimeo 140711536 w=500 h=281]

Dianne Rocheleau discusses the challenges and rewards of being an engaged academic, in the context of her work in agroforestry and political ecology. Dr. Rocheleau is Professor of Geography at Clark University with associations in International Development and Social Change, Women and Gender Studies, and Environmental Studies and Science.

[vimeo 142319389 w=500 h=281]

James McCarthy explains why he practices engaged political ecology, reminding us that research and teaching are forms of public engagement, and that working with non-academic partners can force us to articulate the relevance of our research. He calls on geographers to be bold and imaginative when engaging with the wider public over discussions about the future. Dr. McCarthy is Professor of Geography at Clark University.

The videos were produced and edited by PPEL members, Jesse Quinn at Syracuse University’s Geography Department and Remy Franklin at University of Arizona’s School of Geography and Development.