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The proceedings of the International Colloquium ‘Epistemologies of the South’ have now been published and are freely available on-line.

Proceedings from the International Colloquium ‘Epistemologies of the South’. Source:

The International Colloquium ‘Epistemologies of the South: South-South, South-North and North-South Global Learnings‘ took place in July 2014 at the Centro de Estudos Sociais of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. It featured the participation of some of the world’s most prominent scholars, activists and practitioners working on the themes of decoloniality, democracy, alternative economies and human rights. The proceedings of the Colloquium are now collected in a four-volume publication, freely available on-line. The collection, edited by Boaventura de Sousa Santos and Teresa Cunha, features over 170 conference papers in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

The full publication can be accessed here. A collection of videos from the conference is available here.