February 28, 2019

Grassroots initiatives in climate change-adaptation for justice and sustainability

While climate campaigners organize direct action groups and city councils begin considering climate change an undeniable imperative in planning and policy, school strikers have launched the international platform School Strike 4 Climate. The support for local climate action around the world is growing and will not stop.                                                                              […]
November 23, 2017

Why “Warning to Humanity” gets the socio-ecological crisis (and its solutions) wrong

by Salvatore De Rosa and Jevgeniy Bluwstein The “Warning to Humanity” signed by more than 15.000 scientists calls for action to save the planet proposing elitist environmentalism and missing the real target. Instead, scientists should analyse the roots of the socio-ecological crisis and join the grassroots struggles pushing  for structural changes from local to global A recent “Warning to Humanity” by Ripple et al, signed by more than 15.000 scientists, has received global media attention. According to this call for action, the threat of global […]
September 21, 2014

Interview with researcher Salvatore Paolo De Rosa on the Campania waste conflict

by Giorgos Velegrakis The interview was originally given to Giorgos Velegrakis for the greek environmental magazine Oikotrives Giorgos Velegrakis (G.V.): We know that over a lot of years now an area of Campania became the trashcan of Italy. How did it all start? Salvatore Paolo De Rosa (S.P.):The area of Campania that suffered the most of the accumulation of trash is the northern part: a plain between the provinces of Naples and Caserta, stretching on 3.800 sq. km whit 4 million inhabitants. This land was […]