June 23, 2016

The road as a commons: An interview with James Longhurst, author of "Bike Battles" (2015)

As cyclists struggle to recover their space in the roads, conflicts involving bicycles are attracting more and more attention. Thinking of the road as a commons, as proposed by environmental historian James Longhurst in his new book Bike Battles: A History of Sharing the American Road, may give an entry point to a political ecology perspective. 
July 2, 2015

"Liquid Power": An interview with Erik Swyngedouw

Erik Swyngedouw, Professor of Geography at the University of Manchester, on his new book, research experiences in Spain, Spanish literary inspirations and next research project.
March 18, 2015

Decolonisation and the Munduruku Protocol: It’s time to listen and to respect

International conventions, in particular the International Labor Organisation Convention 169 (ILO169), establish that local communities should be consulted when a planned project will affect their territory. Consultation with indigenous peoples, as written in Article 6, should be undertaken through appropriate procedures, in good faith, and through the representative institutions of these peoples. This statement is followed by the article 7 that protects their right to “decide their own priorities for the process of development as it affects their lives, beliefs, institutions and spiritual well-being and the lands they occupy […]
January 16, 2015

Lessons from the Collectivisation of Aigües de Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939)

After almost eight decades the story of the collectivisation of Aigües de Barcelona during the time of the Spanish Civil War emerges as highly insightful given today’s context of European crisis and the parallel worldwide trend towards re-municipalisation of water management. *
December 10, 2014

Making ourselves indigenous: on conservation ethics and the commons

by Stefania Barca* Last October, the journal Environmental History published a special section to commemorate 50 years of the USA Wilderness Protection Act (3 September 1964), and organized an online forum with commentaries by seven scholars. Though not an expert in the history of natural parks, I welcomed this opportunity to discuss some key ideas of the debate informing environmental politics and ethics more in general. In his opening piece, ‘The higher altruism’, renowned environmental historian Donald Worster argues that ‘the moral vision behind nature […]
August 3, 2014

Archival research: a little story behind a picture

by Santiago Gorostiza Langa In the outskirts of a Catalan city, inside an anonymous industrial warehouse, one can find hundreds of treasures. Their owner, the largest electric utility company of Spain, didn’t take the time to put its name outside the building, but instead contracted a security service to take care of it. Maybe that’s because a sign with the company’s name on it would be – for some passers-by – a synonym of electric material. And electric material means copper, copper being something for which some […]