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We’re excited to announce that our first collective book is about to come out. Insurgent Ecologies: Between Environmental Struggles and Postcapitalist Transformations (Fernwood Publishing) will be released at the end of October.

On Fernwood’s website, you’ll find a synopsis of the book, the table of contents and a list of contributors. If you want to get a better look, you can request access to a digital exam copy here.

We’ve created this page on Undisciplined Environments where we’ll post updates about the book’s release, presentation events, reviews and other relevant material.

The book is already available for pre-order. Independent, radical publishers like Fernwood do great work and deserve our comradely support. If you can afford to buy the book, please do so — or ask your university library to acquire copies or digital access.

Here’s some endorsements from amazing political ecologists who have read the book — check out Fernwood’s website for more.

“It’s not only climate that’s warming up, so is ecopolitics! The interplay of movements for liberating land, livelihood, labour, and sexuality creates a new kind of materialist lens for our 21st century politics. This book is a joy to encounter – pluriversal in both content and process.” Ariel Salleh, author of EcoSufficiency and Global Justice and Ecofeminism as Politics.

“In times of renewed and massive enclosures, including that of political imagination, Insurgent Ecologies irrupts as a necessary read. A powerful collection on subaltern ecological politics across different geographies, this book will surely remain an important reference for intellectual and political work against and beyond capitalism.” Diana Ojeda, professor of Geography and director of the Commons Program at the Ostrom Workshop, Indiana University.

“With a trenchant critique of the dominant systems that enslave, immiserate, and destroy people and nature, this volume’s contributors map out a way forward with nothing short of radical change in every realm of social and political life. As a wide-ranging and globe-spanning yet highly synthetic set of chapters, this volume is a must-read for political ecologists everywhere.” Amy Trauger, professor of Geography, University of Georgia.


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