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By Undisciplined Environments

As a collective of critical political ecology scholar-activists, we are committed to mobilizing knowledge for action, for unearthing and  the structural root causes of socio-environmental conflicts and injustices, and abolishing the intersectional oppressions reproduced by capitalism, colonialism, racism, patriarchy. We are also cognizant that war and imperialism go hand in hand, and that these are major forces of social and ecological devastation.

The current invasion of Gaza by Israel, with its relentless bombings (more bombs in a week than the US dropped in Afghanistan in one entire year), mass killings of civilians (more than 7700 and counting, of which almost half are children), and destruction of the entire city’s infrastructure (including hospitals, schools, residences and other basic services), is part of a longer cycle of violence against the Palestinian people, which has its roots in the 75-year plus occupation, displacement and erasure of Palestine by Israel. As the Palestinian Feminist Collective states:

We are currently witnessing all the forces of empire mobilize against the Palestinian people, and our steadfast struggle for freedom. The genocide in the Gaza Strip is a continuation of a concerted campaign the Zionist settler colonial regime has been waging against Palestinian bodies, land, and culture for nearly a century…. We call upon all our communities and co-strugglers to take immediate action: to get informed, to spread awareness, to speak out and up, to organize, mobilize, and to commit to standing on the right side of history. 

Expressing our deep solidarity, grief and anger over the genocide and erasure we are witnessing in Gaza, we heed this call, offering this list of resources on Palestine.

** This list is being updated as we receive additional resources. If you have suggestions, you can email us at [email protected]**

Toolkits – advocacy actions, reading lists, media resources, and other

  • The Palestinian Feminist Collective’s All Out for Palestine Digital Action Toolkit is an extremely comprehensive compilation. It includes resources on current advocacy actions; the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions campaign; learning and teaching, including a diversity of reading lists; news & social media; the feminist lens on Palestine; safety & mental health; repression & censorship; talking about Palestine in your workplace; and 6 basic talking points on Palestine
  • Verso’s Solidarity with Palestine: Free Resources includes the publisher’s ebooks, a Reading list, blogs and podcasts on Palestine
  • The South/South movement’s open online series of Solidarity teach-ins & conversations for Palestine, includes academic and non-academic reading groups, documentary discussions, and open-format bonfire conversations.
  • Antipode’s Virtual Issue on Palestine/Israel , includes a list of the journal’s published articles on the topic, including free open-access ones.
  • The Decolonize Palestine website includes a Palestine 101 introductory articles, discussions of various myths about Palestine/Israel and the forms of “rainbow” washing carries out to promote Israel, a FAQ list, and a Reading list.
  • The Al-Shabaka Syllabus includes a collection of the network’s previous works on key topics including the roots of the Palestinian struggle, Gaza as the world’s largest open-air prison, understanding Hamas, wrestling with different forms of resistance, and expanding the Palestinian imaginary.
  • Truthout’s Struggle and Solidarity: Writing Toward Palestinian Liberation is a series of investigative journalism on the current moment
  • Al Jazeera’s Infographics including Mapping Israeli occupation and Israel’s attacks on Gaza since 2005 offer essential background on Israel’s genocidal campaign

Statements of Solidarity from academic, cultural and health institutions 

Source: Action Network – Tell the Seattle City Council to ban police exchanges with Israel

Appeals for emergency donations

Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” with Palestinian flag colours. Source: various social media, author unkown.


Top (featured) image: posted on social media, author unknown