May 25, 2023

Carbon Colonialism: Unmasking the global factory

By Laurie Parsons, in conversation with Gustavo García López and Flora Pereira da Silva. We discuss key topics related to Parsons’ new book, Carbon Colonialism: How rich countries export climate breakdown, from the diverse meanings of climate colonialism and the centrality of the globalization of factories in this, to the invisibility of these factories’ impacts and the myths of sustainable consumption and green growth, to how to tell local-to-global stories and achieve impact beyond academia. 
March 21, 2023

Under-ground ore: street intervention in the face of socio-environmental devastation in the Quintero-Puchuncaví sacrifice zone

By Teresa Sanz Through a poetic intervention, Teresa presents Under-ground Ore, a documentary of a collective street theatre piece by activists and artists resisting industrial pollution in Quintero-Puchuncaví, Chile.