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by the Undisciplined Environments collective

The Undisciplined Environments blog is looking for associated editors to collaborate with our collective on a short or long term basis, on specific thematic lines along the broad umbrella of political ecology and environmental humanities.

We are a self-organized collective of engaged scholars oriented towards a common horizon of emancipatory social and ecological transformation. Since 2015, we have been publishing regularly with the aim to animate a space to share, debate and critically reflect on research and activist experiences, observations, methodologies, news, events, publications, art, music and other themes and objects related to political ecology.


We are looking for people familiar with the field of Political Ecology and/or Environmental Humanities, with strong English language skills, and with previous experience in translating research and academic writing for the broader public.

The platform and the editorial work is developed on a volunteer basis.


  • The future collaborators are expected to dedicate 1 day per week max for:
  • Curating incoming pieces of their expertise or liking (text editing, feedback to authors, additional visuals).
  • Searching for new content for the blog (e.g. inviting friends, colleagues, allies, identifying new publications or events which could be turned into blog pieces).
  • Social media posting of published pieces.
  • Taking part in monthly meetings of the collective (online).

What we offer

  • Training in how to select, curate, edit and post engaging blog pieces.
  • A space of exchange and opportunity to broaden your knowledge in PE.
  • A platform to curate your own series of texts on a topic of your personal academic/activist interest.
  • Working with international scholars in the field of political ecology and widening your network

If you are interested, please send a letter of interest at: [email protected]